Children’s Prayer Refreshment


Children’s Prayer Refreshment (CPR) is a children’s prayer project where children pray for children in other parts of the world. This project was started in 2002 by PWI to connect children of prayer in India with praying children in the USA. Most of the children from India were orphans who were living in orphanages operated by United Evangelical Mission of India (UEMI).


CPR was started in response to the call from the Holy Spirit during a prayer meeting. Most of PWI’s programming is focused on adult involvements. It was the desire of God to include children and youth, as well as adults, in the prayer activities and prayer teaching of PWI.


After the CPR Project was launched through churches in Arizona and Minnesota, children in the USA connected through prayer with children in India. They committed to pray for each other as prayer partners and international friends. Some of the desired goals for the CPR Project are as follows:


• Encourage children around the world to pray

• Encourage children around the world to pray for each other

• Create friendships around the world through prayer

• Promote better acceptance and good-will through children’s prayer

• Strengthen the Christian church through children’s prayer

• Assist children and families to become Houses of Prayer

• Develop intimacy with Jesus and experience the power of prayer


How Does The CPR Project Work?


PWI normally contacts an overseas Christian church, a Christian para-church organization, a Christian orphanage, a Christian school, or some other Christian organization that is willing to partner with praying children of Christian churches in the USA. The individual Christian Church in the USA normally works directly with its Sunday School Department or the church’s Prayer Ministry.


All the children complete and exchange an informational statement, which includes a recent picture. The children exchange prayer requests and uphold each other in prayer.


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