Prayer Vigils


A Prayer Vigil is a time set aside for the purpose of prayer and meditation. The prayer time is normally focused on one or a few specific topics. Prayer Vigils normally extend for a significant period of time such as twelve or twenty-four hours, but may last for as long as several days and nights. It is normally divided into hourly prayer segments (sometimes half-hour segments). Participants can select one or more segments, according to personal preference and availability of time.


If you look up the word "vigil" in the dictionary, it shows several definitions. Some of them are: "a watchful staying awake," "a watch kept," "the eve of a church festival," or "a devotional watch."


Most of these definitions pertain to what we do. We are keeping "prayer watch" for a specified period of time. During that time, we are trying to keep praying for the entire Prayer Vigil. Some of the Prayer Vigils may include intercessors from other parts of the country, even intercessors from other countries.


You can pray at home or in a PWI Prayer Room. Generally, the prayer times continue night and day until the Prayer Vigil is concluded.


Combination of PWI Prayer Watches And Prayer Vigils


The combination of a Prayer Watch and Prayer Vigil is organized to cover an entire 24-hour period of time with prayer. Typically a Prayer Watch starts at 6:00 PM and concludes at 6:00 AM. Then a PWI Prayer Vigil begins at 6:00 AM and continues to 6:00 PM. Consequently, the PWI Prayer Watch and Prayer Vigil will last for 24 hours.


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