Weekly Prayer Schools


Prayer Watch International has been offering Prayer Schools since September of 1996. Until September of 2004, Prayer Schools were only offered on a one-setting basis, that is, a consecutive seven to fifteen day program. Now Prayer School participants can attend a Prayer School on a weekly basis.


The Weekly Prayer School Program offers many benefits:


• Greater ease of involvement (participants don’t need to take a week to two-week vacation from work to attend the Prayer School)

• Better suited for broader participation by the “grass-roots” church members

• Less costly than a traditional (out-of-town) PWI Prayer School

• Multiplies the PWI teaching on prayer significantly

• The weekly Prayer Schools can be taught through video tapes, certified local PWI teachers, or a combination of these two


The weekly Prayer School Program kicks off with an opening weekend program (Friday evening and Saturday). It continues on a weekday evening until the end of November for approximately three hours an evening. No classes are scheduled in December to avoid conflicts with church Christmas activities.


Classes resume in January with a second kick-off weekend (Friday and Saturday) and continues until Easter (if Easter is late). If Easter is early, the Weekly Prayer School finishes shortly after Easter. In either case, the Prayer School will conclude before the busy May schedule starts.


The Weekly Prayer School Program as been offered in Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona as well as in Salt Lake City, Utah. It will also soon be offered in Minnesota and Germany.

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