What is Prayer Missionary Ministry?



A prayer missionary is an intercessor who is called and confirmed by God to serve as a full-time or part-time person of prayer through a Christian organization such as Prayer Watch International (PWI).


Five essential elements of a Prayer Missionary

The definition of a prayer missionary contains five essential elements as defined by PWI.


Intercessor - First, a prayer missionary is an intercessor. It is a person who is acquainted with and has quality experience in prayer. The level of involvement and experience in prayer can vary. Part of the developmental process involves teaching and training in prayer. Lack of prayer involvement is not necessarily a deterrent to becoming a prayer missionary. If God has called you to become a prayer missionary, He will certainly find ways to provide what is needed to fulfill God's call as a prayer missionary.


Called - Secondly, most importantly, a prayer missionary is called and confirmed by God to be a prayer missionary. It is not something we do because it seems fun, fascinating, or interesting. A prayer missionary has a clear sense of call from God and two or three confirmations to be a prayer missionary. Without such call, one can not be an effective prayer missionary. However, with God's call and with the accompanying confirmations, one would not want to be anything other than a prayer missionary! When God calls you to be a prayer missionary it can be challenging, frustrating and difficult as well as joyful, exciting and fulfilling.


Serve - Third, a prayer missionary is called to serve God and others. It calls for a servant's heart and attitude. The primary characteristic of a servant is an attitude of humility. In fact, prayer is an act of humility. "God gives grace to the humble." Proverbs 3:34; Matthew 23:12; James 4:6. One of the most important, perhaps the most important, characteristic of a prayer missionary is to be a servant and move towards God and others in humility. A prayer missionary has a desire to serve God and others, especially through prayer and intercession.


Pray - Fourth, the call to be a prayer missionary is a call to pray. The principle call of a prayer missionary is to live in the presence of God, cultivate an intimate relationship with God, enjoy meaningful conversations with the Holy Spirit and fulfill God's partnership plans through praying for others. The focus of the prayers are God and others. The prayers may take on many different forms, functions and expressions. In short a prayer missionary is called to worship God and intercede for others.


Compensation - Fifth, a prayer missionary is employed and maybe given financial compensation. It can be a paid position, if needed. Most compensation comes in terms of room, board, and ministry transportation. Generally salaries are generated through faith pledges.


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