Who Can Be a Prayer Missionary?


Any born again, Bible believing Christian person who has a heart for prayer and who God has called and confirmed is available to be a prayer missionary candidate. The prayer missionary goes through a five step developmental process to become a called prayer missionary.


First, the call of God and the appropriate number of confirmations starts the process.


Second, after the prayer missionary candidate has received the call of God and the appropriate number of confirmations, enters the prayer missionary training program. The training generally lasts for one year on a full-time basis, more if part-time.


Third, after the prayer missionary training program is completed, the candidate enters an internship program comprised of three parts: praying at home, praying in the community and praying at a specified PWI prayer center.


Fourth, upon successful completion of the internship program the candidate goes through an extensive interview to determine if the candidate is ready to graduate from the PWI Prayer Missionary Training Program. If the candidate is approved by the Candidate Interview Committee he/she is eligible to graduate.


Fifth, after the graduation, the graduate is eligible for a call to a designated PWI prayer center. When the graduate accepts the call he/she becomes a PWI prayer missionary.


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