Designated Donations


There are several ways people support the work and mission of Prayer Watch International (PWI). Prayer support places the mission of PWI on a Rock solid foundation. Words of encouragement strengthen our faith to reach further and go deeper in order to see Godís plan and vision of prayer being fulfilled around the world. Another method is through financial gifts. Through the financial involvement of others, PWI is able to continue making a significant difference in the body of Christ around the world.


PWI greatly appreciates all one-time donations as well as monthly commitments. (Click here for more information on donating through PWIs Automatic Contribution Program.) There are two options when donating to PWI Ė either to the general fund or to a designated account.




In addition to general donations, one can also donate a gift toward a specific aspect of PWI. The funds that are donated toward a specific person or event are set aside for that exact purpose. Examples of designated accounts include: Prayer Missionary Program, Africa Prayer Missions, the India Mission, or supporting specific staff members.


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