Mighty Men of Prayer


The Mighty Men of Prayer Ministry is a prayer ministry of men who are praying for men to take our place in prayer, spiritual leadership, and in Christian ministry generally, as God intends, the Bible expresses, and the Holy Spirit directs. It is primarily a prayer ministry, that is, a time set aside to pray.


The Call


God, in a special way, is calling men into prayer, warfare prayer. In the end time battle, all of the members of Godís praying army, the church universal, needs all its members, including the men, to fulfill all of Godís redemptive plans and purposes. Generally, men have been missing from prayer and prayer meetings, but are now being ďcalled upĒ to do ďactive dutyĒ in the Lordís praying army. God needs all of His soldiers to take their place in the matching army of the Lord.


Mighty Men of Prayer is not a traditional menís prayer group or a time of social interaction. It is a serious, intentional, and committed prayer effort. This prayer effort focuses on warfare prayer in the heavenly realm for men and their families, friends, neighborhoods, churches, communities, states, nations, continents, the body of Christ worldwide, and the present age (preparing for the coming age)!


The Concept


The Mighty Men of Prayer concept comes from King Davidís Mighty Men discussed in 2 Samuel 23:8-39. King David had three groups of men in his army:


The general conscripted men Ė the vast majority of men fell into this group.

The Thirty outstanding men (actually 37 in all) Ė these were men who had distinguished themselves as outstanding warriors in King Davidís army.

The Three Mighty Men Ė this small group of men were the very best soldiers and stood out far above all other men in King Davidís army, even the Thirty outstanding warriors did exploits so remarkable, even supernatural exploits, that they earned the right to be considered the most powerful, effective, and distinguished soldiers in the army of King David!


The Commitment


As a member of a PWI MMP Camp, you are asked to commit one hour per month to pray with and for other men. There are 744 hours in a month. You are asked to make a commitment to pray corporately for 1/744 of your time. Everybody can do that no matter how busy you are! Are you ready to make a commitment to pray to make a difference for God and the kingdom of God throughout the world?


The Mighty Men of Prayer (MMP) is a movement of the Holy Spirit calling men to intentional prayer. It is men praying with and for men.


Since their humble beginnings on December 13, 2004, PWI Camps are rapidly growing and are located on three continents: Africa, Europe, and America. There are active camps in Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona and in Alexandria, Minnesota.


Mighty Men Of Prayer Job Description


A Mighty Man of Prayer:

• Knows who he is in Christ (redeemed, forgiven, called to prayer by God, fully equipped in Christ to do everything God has called him to do)

• Knows God. He recognizes Godís voice, message, confirmations, and timing.

• Knows his weapons are not of this world, but they are mighty and powerful weapons exceedingly superior to the weapons of the enemy

• Knows who the enemy is and what he is up to and does so fearlessly in Christ

• Puts on the FULL Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18)

• Walks in obedience to the Word of God and the instructions of the Holy Spirit

• Prays!

Are You Ready To Become A Mighty Man Of Prayer?

Men are you willing to sign up for training to become a Mighty Man of God? Women are you willing to pray for God to raise up such Mighty Men of Prayer? It is time for all Christian men to take our place in the Throne Room of God to make an impact for God on our families, neighborhoods, churches, communities, states, nation, the world, culture, and history!

May God grant you grace and Holy Spirit empowerment to fulfill Godís destiny upon and through your life today and every day to Godís glory and honor and praise!

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