Mighty Persons of Prayer


The Mighty Men of Prayer Ministry is being expanded to become a Mighty Persons of Prayer Ministry including the Mighty Women of Prayer, the Mighty Seniors of Prayer, the Mighty Pastors of Prayer, the Mighty Teenagers of Prayer, and the Mighty Mentors of Prayer Ministries.


Several of these Mighty Persons of Prayer Ministries were officially launched in Germany during International Prayer School Twenty-Two in May 2005. Furthermore, more than one hundred persons gathered on October 30, 2005, in Alexandria, Minnesota, for the first domestic Mighty Persons of Prayer event. The celebrations started with joint worship and praise. The groups then split into two groups: The Mighty Men of Prayer and the Mighty Women of Prayer. Praise the Lord for the forty men and sixty women who participated!


Check out the PWI events calendar for upcoming Mighty Persons of Prayer gatherings!


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