Prayer Journeys


A Prayer Journey is a prayer outreach that focuses on prayer, intercession, and warfare prayer. It also involves traveling to an international destination and “taking prayer on the road” so to speak. Most of the time, international travel takes the PWI Prayer Journey Team to an enemy stronghold location. Many of these locations are located in the most un-evangelized countries around the world (for example, countries like India, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan).


But on occasion, powerful enemy strongholds can be found in countries, which have been evangelized over long periods of time (for example, the porno-center in Hamburg, Germany, and Free Masons Centers located in many western countries).


Prayer Journeys may be single prayer outreaches or they may be repeated many times to the same country or region. For example, PWI has done several Prayer Journeys to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar).


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