Prayer Missionary Training


The prayer missionary training includes all of the available PWI prayer schools (currently five prayer schools with two more prayer schools in design) and several selected PWI Leadership Training Seminars (LTSs).


For further information on the PWI prayer schools please visit the corresponding prayer school webpage.


The PWI Leadership Training Seminaries fall into two categories: open and selective seminars.


Required open LTSs for prayer missionaries are:


1-LTS: The Ministry of the Word and Prayer:

            The Powerful Word of God and Anointed Prayer.


2-LTS: God's General Plan of Prayer for the Body of Christ: A Call to Prayer


3-LTS: God's Vision of Prayer for the Church


4-LTS: Your Life Gifts, Personality Type, Passions, Values and Spiritual Gifts


5-LTS: Welcome, Holy Spirit!


6-LTS: Grow Up Spiritually!


7-LTS: Prayer Mission


Required selective LTSs for prayer missionaries are:


11-LTS: The PWI Philosophy of Mission and Ministry


12-LTS: The PWI National and International Team Servant Leaders Training Program


13-LTS: The Anointed PWI Teaching Team: Teachers' Certification Training


14-LTS: PWI Prayer Journey Training -

              Impacting the World for the Gospel of Jesus Christ


15-LTS: Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Training


16-LTS: Faith Based Funding for Mission and Ministry


17-LTS: Beloved, You are Called to be a Prayer Missionary


18-LTS: Principles of Blessed Mentoring


Prayer Missionary Levels of Ministry Involvement

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