United Evangelical Mission International


The goal of UEMI is to see the community totally transformed, self sufficient and able to face any kinds of challenges such as natural calamities, social upheavals and others. Today UEMI through various projects is on an average bringing light to about 175,000 people every year. 400 children are being taken care of in UEM's New Life Children Homes and Special Homes for the disabled. Conferences, crusades, seminars, teaching and training classes are being conducted every year.


UEMI has five areas of outreach. UEMI has established numerous Community Transformation Centers (CTC). A CTC is a Bible School, Vocational Training Center and a Mission Base all rolled into one. The purpose of the CTC is to train national lay leaders of the Church in evangelism and church planting, while empowering them socially and economically so that they can create a chain reaction in empowering the grass roots to bring about spiritual and socio-economic transformation.


UEMI also has numerous children homes. Previously, these children were on the street, neglected by their parents, abandoned, and destitute. The children homes offer them shelter, food, an education, and a nurturing Christian environment.


UEMI also offers tsunami relief to women who were impacted by this natural disaster. UEMI has charted out a plan of rehabilitation for the women of the Kallar Village by bringing them out of their trauma and above all, by empowering them. Many women will participate in self-help groups and tailoring training, which will prove to be an income-generating program.


UEMI also offers relief to tsunami children. This is a community based, holistic development program for the children where they will be provided food, quality education, educational materials, clothing and above all a recreational and diversion therapy where the children will be able to overcome the psychological fear, stress and trauma that was caused by the Tsunami. The aim of the “New life to Tsunami Children Program” is to bring holistic development in the lives of the children who have been traumatized by the Tsunami.


UEMI also has an outreach entitled TALITHA CUMI, which means, “Young woman, arise!” This program provides women with the skills that are necessary to support themselves and their children.




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