The PWI UPLINC Program is part of the prayer activities, mission and ministry of a complete PWI Prayer, Training, and Resource Center. UPLINC provides prayer teaching, training, and equipping. A very important part of the PWI prayer ministry is teaching on prayer and assisting in the organization of prayer ministries in families, churches, communities, and nations. This is done through the University of Prayer and the UPLINC Training Program.


The PWI UPLINC Program consists of the following:


UP = University of Prayer


L = Leadership Training Seminars (LTS)

Open LT Seminars

Selective LT Seminars


I = Institute for Prayer Training (IPT)

Prayer School 1

Prayer School 2

Prayer School 3

Prayer School 4

Prayer School 5

Prayer School 6

Prayer School 7


N = “Net” – Internet Prayer School (NET)


C = College of Prayer (COP)


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